When shopping for new appliances, chances are the first questions to pop into your head will be “What’s my budget?” and “Black or stainless?”. But you definitely shouldn’t stop there! Because today’s new appliances are likely to need repairs within their first five years, you should also consider more technical questions like the ones below.

How long is the manufacturer warranty period?

Most brands provide a one-year warranty (parts and labour) on their appliances. Considering the average lifespan of today’s appliances varies between 9 and 15 years, it’s unlikely to be enough! Some manufacturers offer much longer coverage—up to 10 years—on replacement parts, which could represent major savings if repairs are needed.

Is the appliance a first-generation model?

Sure, it’s fun having access to the latest cutting-edge smartphone before everyone else. But a high-tech washer or fridge probably won’t be as impressive. Usually, it’s better to stay away from first-generation appliance models: the risk of running into problems is much higher, since the manufacturer doesn’t have as much history to rely on.

Is the appliance brand a private label?

Retailers with their own store brand don’t manufacture the appliances themselves. Rather, they relabel existing products as their own. Should you need to hire an independent repair service, keep in mind this could make it more complicated getting access to technical documentation.

How long are parts produced?

Sometimes, manufacturers will stop producing parts for appliance models that are no longer sold in stores, but can still be found in many homes. This means you could end up with an appliance that could have remained useful for several years after a minor repair … but obtaining the necessary replacement part has become impossible. In order to avoid situations like these, Service 2000 keeps a large inventory of NLA or no longer available parts.

What do customer reviews say?

Take the time to read through customer reviews using several third-party websites, like Consumer Reports, retailer websites and even online platforms like Amazon. Look at the overall “star average”, but also take the time to go over individual negative reviews. If the same issue was experienced by multiple customers, maybe you should stay away from this model!

If the appliance needs repairs, who should you contact?

Can you call on the independent repair service of your choice? Do you need to call an authorized partner? Should you contact the manufacturer first? Can they guarantee you an appointment within 48 hours? It’s better to know about these things before you run into problems, to be certain you’ll get the service you need.

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