To earn your trust, some appliance repair businesses commit to offering you more than effective service! Here are 9 criteria for choosing a business dedicated to treating you well.

1/ A solid reputation

Has the business been around for several years? Is it recommended by a trusted organization such as CAA? Manufacturers? Satisfied customers?  Does the business have online reviews? Are the reviews positive or not? How does the business respond to negative reviews in order to rectify the situation?

The fact that a business has a solid reputation and has existed for several decades is also a sign of the importance it puts on customer satisfaction.

2/ Polite staff who want to treat you well

Do you feel like you’re interrupting when you call the business? Are the personnel cheerful, do they really want to help you and accommodate you by sending a technician to your home quickly? Are you clearly informed of the progress of each step of the operation? Are the personnel eager to help you solve your problem?

A responsible business will make a good impression on you from the first contact, but also, and more importantly, throughout its exchanges with you at each step of its operation.

3/ A high percentage of calls completed in one visit

Whether it’s through a pre-diagnostic process of causes, strict inventory management or access to cutting edge technologies, increasing the chances of repairing the appliance in a single visit will often save you the time of a second visit that won’t need to take place.

A reliable business will take the time to thoroughly complete the pre-diagnostic process and will take care to gather as much information as possible from you.

4/ Quick and reliable customer service

Did you have to fight to get a technician to come to your house and resolve the problem? Did the return visit seem to be scheduled more slowly than when they took your first service call? Was the after-sales service call also quickly scheduled?

Once again, maintaining the quality of service is essential. Whether it’s your first call or an after-sale service call, you have the right be served with the same attention!

The other criteria will be addressed in the 2nd part to follow.