To earn your trust, many appliance repair businesses will go the extra mile to offer you an effective service. In order to help you choose wisely, we listed those criterias in the first part of the article : a solid reputation, a polite staff, a high percentage of completed calls, and efficient customer service. Here are the next ones :

5/ Solid warranties

A three-month warranty is the legal minimum but any self-respecting business knows that a well-done appliance repair should last at least a year. Otherwise, why have it repaired? The most important thing is to make sure that your appliance repair company will send a technician back right away to solve the problem once and for all.

6/ Comprehensive insurance

Does the company have a complete liability insurance coverage in order to protect you if any complications arise? The standard insurance today must cover a value of $2,000,000 at least. What’s important is that the business has the means to compensate you in case of an accident. With over 15,000 intervention per year, an incident obviously happens once in a while and we should never cut corners to save a penny or two.

7/ Close monitoring of service quality

A business aiming to be transparent will not hesitate to ask for your opinion to ensure your satisfaction. In doing so, it ensures that the whole team has given its best at each step of the process in order to make your experience a pleasant one. Are the calls reviewed internally to assure that the personnel always act in your interest and according to established standards? Were the assessments and invoices analyzed? Is there a feedback procedure to help the team improve itself?

A responsible business will not hesitate to make you part of well-established internal processes to gain to the satisfaction of all its customers without exception.

8/ Ongoing training of the team

In most cases, today’s appliances don’t have anything in common with previous generations except the name; they do not work the same way anymore as they now contain more technologies. Are the technicians trained in dealing with the latest appliance technologies, detergents and modes of use? Are they knowledgeable enough to provide advice and tips for getting the best out of your appliance?

A business that wants to serve you well should rely on a team that is capable and always up-to-date on the technical aspects to respond effectively to any situation.

9/ Socially responsible behavior

How can a business that mistreats its employees treat its customers well? Are the technicians respected and encouraged to do their best to fulfill themselves? Does the business declare all of its work or does it dodge its social responsibilities by operating “under the table”? It’s all the more important if you take pride in your own honesty!

How much does all this cost?

Quality has a price. Many appliance repairman set their prices by analyzing the competition’s price and calculating an average.

Failing to properly calculate costs can become a temptation to cut corners. Yes, price is an important factor but your time and peace of mind are as important, if not more. Choose carefully.

For your peace of mind, it’s guaranteed!