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Should I repair or replace?

There always comes a time when one of your home appliances becomes defective and you haveto wonder whether you should repair or replace it. For your information, here are the fourconditions our technicians use to help them recommend whether to repair or completely replacesaid defective appliance:

  • Physical State : is the general condition of your appliance acceptable, without any major signs of rust or corrosion?
  • Mechanical State : in addition to the defect, does your appliance work silently, without any appearance of leakage, odors or any other mechanical signs?
  • Cost of Repair : As a general rule, the repair should cost around half as much as a new appliance with the same set of features.
  • Extension of Life Expectancy : will the repair extend the appliance’s life to 2 to 4 years?

In summary, if the appliance’s physical and mechanical conditions are satisfactory, the cost torepair it is about half the price of a new unit, and if the remedy would lengthen its life for two ormore years, your technician will recommend having your appliance repaired. Ultimately, you’llsave money on the long run!

Why does CAA recommend Service 2000 to repair your appliances?

Are your criteria for selecting appliance suppliers high? That’s great! Service 2000’s accreditation as a CAA-Quebec recommended supplier is an excellent display of confidence for you! By accrediting Service 2000 Appliances, CAA-Quebec ensures that we are worthy of yourtrust and validates that we meet the following rigorous selection criteria:

  • Credibility and skills
    Years of experience, compulsory licensing, professional affiliations, etc.
  • Solvency
    Verification of a company’s financial health.
  • Reputation with customers
    Satisfaction survey of a group of customers selected by CAA-Quebec.
  • Value of a company’s Customer Protection Plan
    Verification of liability and warranty policies.
  • Service
    Courtesy, speed, cleanliness, after-sales service, pricing, etc.
What is the life expectancy of your home appliances?

Average life expectancy of large electric appliances (years)

Freezers 21
Stoves 18
Dryers 18
Refrigerators 17
Washing Machines 14
Dishwashers 13
Note: these figures represent the industrial average. RNCAN, 2007
I've seen cheaper elsewhere.

Our goal at Service 2000 is to offer our customers quick service, technicians that are up to speed with latest technology, available inventory to procced to part replacement on our first visit should you wish to go ahead, a one-year guarantee on replacement parts and labour. Also, we are a CAA-Québec recommended supplier and authorized service center for about thirty manufacturers, including Bosch, Fisher & Paykel and Brigade (Viking).

If you want to do business with a solid company that will help you find solutions to your appliance issues for good, we are here for you.

I bought my own part, can you install it?
With pleasure. Please note however that we cannot guarantee the repair or the part, as we do not know where it comes from.
I found a cheaper part elsewhere.

The prices of the parts we offer include the following:

  • We research and order the correct generation of parts.
  • The parts are delivered to us, and we then deliver it to you.
  • The parts we offer are inspected and guaranteed for one year, as well as the labour.
In general, how much does a repair cost?
Our customer services employees are sometimes able to provide you with an idea of the cost of the repair. However, and we mention this at each call, it is only a technician who will be able to clearly identify the reason of your appliance malfunction and estimate the cost of the repair.
I don't know the model number. Is this a problem?

Although we hold in stock a vast inventory of parts, it is possible that we do not have the one that is needed for your appliance, which would oblige us to make a return visit. We do not bill additional travel fees, we do strive to save yours and our time.

Follow this link to find your appliance model number.

Will you bill me for two service calls if the technician is obligated to come back to install a replacement part?
No, we only bill one service call. After that, we bill a fixed amount which will vary depending on the nature of the repair.
Do you credit the service call if I accept you do the repair work on my appliance?
We do not include the service call in the cost of the repair, and keep these two charges separate. Companies that credit the service call add this fee to the cost of their repair.

Since 1985

We service tens of thousand of appliances every year.

Satisfaction rate 4.6/5

1000+ customers giving us high ratings on Facebook, Google and our website.

1-year warranty on parts and labor*

We are trusted for the work we do and we back it. Certain conditions apply.

Peace of mind service

We go out of our way to bring your appliance to good working condition the same day as the diagnosis.

Testimonials from our clients

6 Octobre 2023
I m really happy with the service, it was really professional. The technician Toufik was great and competent, if I have another issue with any appliance, I will only contact them.
Sam Secours
Sam Secours
5 Octobre 2023
Service au top
Pascal Michel
Pascal Michel
5 Octobre 2023
Le technicien, Toufik a été extrêmement efficace et a réglé mon problème très rapidement. Il était extrêmement courtois. Aussi, leur système en ligne est bien conçu. Je recommande sans hésitation!
Fred Asselin
Fred Asselin
2 Octobre 2023
Service rapide, courtois et efficace ! Excellent technicien !
Perry Senecal
Perry Senecal
2 Octobre 2023
Très bon services, Toufik et Romain était très professionnel, souriant et sympathique en plus.merci beaucoup
Silvana Conte
Silvana Conte
1 Octobre 2023
Excellent service. My technician even came in on his day off to check on my wine fridge….