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Need a Refrigerator Repairman?

Do you find yourself with a leaking fridge? Your fridge won’t cool down? Maybe the thermostat needs fixing? Even if you follow all our maintenance tips, such problems may still occur, and you’ll need a refrigerator repairman.

To benefit from a one-year limited warranty (parts and labour) and the outstanding experience of a CAA-Quebec Approved Residential Supplier, trust our technicians at Service 2000. Having repaired tens of thousands of appliances since 1985, no refrigerator holds any secrets for them!

When booking your appointment, please mention the make, model and serial number of your fridge. If possible, the technician responsible for your fridge repair will ensure he has the most relevant replacement parts to fix the problem on the first visit.

DIY Refrigerator Repair: Here’s How

Anyone can handle some basic refrigerator repair jobs—provided they have the right tools and some basic technical knowledge1. Sometimes all you need to do is clean the refrigerator coils or replace the starter relay to make the appliance work like new.

If you want to repair your fridge yourself, contact our team to get the replacement parts you may need. Our specialists will also share practical advice to ensure that you get the job done safely. If we don’t have the fridge part you need in stock, we can usually order it from our distributors as soon as possible.

Since 1985

We service tens of thousand of appliances every year.

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1-year warranty on parts and labor*

We are trusted for the work we do and we back it. Certain conditions apply.

Peace of mind service

We go out of our way to bring your appliance to good working condition the same day as the diagnosis.

Fridge Repair FAQ

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a fridge?

First, check whether your appliance is still under warranty. If it is, the manufacturer may cover the cost of replacement parts and labour. It’s hard to find a better deal than free!

Even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, don’t hesitate to assert your rights as a consumer under based on the Government of Quebec’s legal warranty.

After that, it all depends on the exact nature of the problem, but an average fridge repair costs between $250 and $300. So, from a strictly financial point of view, repairing your fridge out of warranty is less expensive than buying a new appliance, even an entry-level one.

Is it worth repairing a faulty fridge?

Although repairs are typically cheaper than a replacement, other factors may influence your decision.

The “50% rule” is an excellent starting point. If your appliance has exceeded 50% of its average lifespan (12 to 15 years for a North American fridge) and the repair cost represents more than 50% of the purchase price of a new model, we recommend replacing it.

After identifying the current issue, your technician will advise you whether other components seem likely to break anytime soon and whether or not it your appliance appears to be worth repairing.

You can then adjust this benchmark according to your own values. For example, repairing an appliance rather than replacing it is a sustainable consumer choice that helps to reduce electrical and electronic waste. We now find that more and more of our customers choose to repair their appliances out of environmental concern.

How much does it cost to replace a fridge thermostat?

This common issue usually averages between $250 and $300 to fix (including parts and labour). This amount may vary depending on the exact model; parts for some brands are more expensive than others, while the complexity of the assembly for certain models may require more time during your technician’s visit.

Do you repair fridges that no longer work?

You bet! Since 1985, our technicians have been bringing back to life fridges of all models, including LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Sub-Zero, and other brands. Whether you need to replace a faulty thermostat or compressor or for any other problem, you can trust our team of experienced professionals.

  1. Installing parts and repairing appliances involve certain risks that you choose to assume on your own when you purchase parts from us. Service 2000 cannot be held responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from installing parts sold to you by us. Click here to read our policy and conditions.

Testimonials from our clients

Eric Pepin
Eric Pepin
22 Janvier 2024
Tout un service!! Le technicien est venu pour notre laveuse et il trouvé le problème immédiatement . Il nous a conseillé en toute honnêteté. Merci d’avoir été honnête avec nous , c’est très apprécié de votre part.
Marie-Eve Grégoire
Marie-Eve Grégoire
16 Janvier 2024
Technicien present juste en quelques heures de mon appel. Excellent service!
weifang mao
weifang mao
13 Janvier 2024
The technician guided us to check the possible issues of our coffee machine over the phone, in a very short time to make machine work. and it was completely free, many thanks for their professional services and excellent technical skills.
Louis Carvalho
Louis Carvalho
4 Janvier 2024
Great service! The technician Christophe was excellent and knowledgeable. The overall communication by the company for service, estimates and follow-up was excellent.
Mario Bernard
Mario Bernard
4 Janvier 2024
J’ai été très satisfait de la réparation de ma cuisinière.
Michel Thibault
Michel Thibault
2 Janvier 2024
Tres bon service. Rapide et efficace. Personnel compétents et connaissant. Merci
Patrick Gelot
Patrick Gelot
28 Décembre 2023
Excellent services, rapide, disponible, que du positifs.