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Can You Replace a Broken Cooktop?

A single, unfortunate event such as dropping a pot, scratching the glass surface with an old cast iron pan or experiencing a power surge after a brownout can damage your cooktop. Should you replace it or attempt to repair it yourself1?
Please note that :

  • If it’s a gas cooktop, know that “all work relating to a gas installation or appliance must be entrusted to a specialized contractor who is a member of the CMMTQ”2.
  • Most repairs to electric or induction cooktops require the removal of the glass-ceramic panel first. In the event of a breakage, it costs an average of $300 to $500 to replace this fragile part.

Still, if you have the right skills and tools and everything goes well, it remains cheaper to repair your cooktop than to buy a new one.
Our parts department can provide you with the cooktop spare parts you need, as well as valuable technical advice. Our warehouse contains common parts for cooktops of all makes and models, plus many discontinued appliances. If required, we can source some of the rarer parts from our network of suppliers.
Simply fill out the form below by including the make, model and serial number of your cooktop and a short description of the problem.


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Common Cooktop Replacement Parts

  • Ceramic glass panel
  • Gas, electric or induction burners
  • Spark plug
  • Control panel
  • Integrated range hood motor
  1. Installing parts and repairing appliances involve certain risks that you choose to assume on your own when you purchase parts from us. Service 2000 cannot be held responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from installing parts sold to you by us. Click here to read our policy and conditions.
  2. Can you do the repair it yourself?

Testimonials from our clients

6 Octobre 2023
I m really happy with the service, it was really professional. The technician Toufik was great and competent, if I have another issue with any appliance, I will only contact them.
Sam Secours
Sam Secours
5 Octobre 2023
Service au top
Pascal Michel
Pascal Michel
5 Octobre 2023
Le technicien, Toufik a été extrêmement efficace et a réglé mon problème très rapidement. Il était extrêmement courtois. Aussi, leur système en ligne est bien conçu. Je recommande sans hésitation!
Fred Asselin
Fred Asselin
2 Octobre 2023
Service rapide, courtois et efficace ! Excellent technicien !
Perry Senecal
Perry Senecal
2 Octobre 2023
Très bon services, Toufik et Romain était très professionnel, souriant et sympathique en plus.merci beaucoup
Silvana Conte
Silvana Conte
1 Octobre 2023
Excellent service. My technician even came in on his day off to check on my wine fridge….