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Who Can Fix Your Broken Cooktop?

Whether it features a ceramic glass surface, gas burners or an induction system, the same problems can occur with a cooktop as with a cooking range. Maybe a burner won’t start or heat fully? Sparks appear when you press the igniter? Temperature control isn’t as precise as it used to be? Whatever the problem is, our technicians can fix it.

Since 1985, Service 2000 technicians have been repairing cooktops of all makes, models and types every year. In addition to bringing you the peace of mind of dealing with a CAA-Quebec Approved Residential Supplier, their visit is protected by a one-year limited warranty (parts and labour).

Don’t wait to have your kitchen’s centrepiece repaired. Book an appointment below by mentioning the make, model and serial number of your appliance. This way, before our technician drives to your home, they’ll bring any stock spare parts they’re likely to need and try their best to fix your cooktop a single visit.

DIY Cooktop Repair: Can It Be Done?

Unlike many other appliances that can be repaired simply by having the right tools and some technical knowledge, there are several caveats to consider before attempting to repair a cooktop yourself.

First, only specialized contractors who are members of the Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ) are authorized to repair gas appliances, including cooktops.1 For safety reasons, this is one of the few types of domestic work that single-family homeowners aren’t allowed to do themselves if they lack the proper licence.

In the case of electric or induction cooktops, many repairs first involve removing the glass-ceramic panel. Should you break it during handling, this fragile part costs an average of $300 to $500… and carefully reassembling it is typically much harder than taking it out!

If you’re confident your cooktop needs but a simple repair that you can do yourself, visit our page below to order the replacement parts you need.

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Guy Boivin

Bon service, honnête, compétent, merci. Il sait où il s’en va ce Monsieur Luigi

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Bon petit bonhomme votre technicien [Mathieu]. Il a très bien réparé mon réfrigérateur et il m’a donné sa carte d’affaires. Je suis très satisfait.

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Excellent service de M. Antonio. Courtoisie, honnêteté, compétence, efficacité. Bravo!

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Le frigo fonctionne parfaitement bien jusqu’à maintenant. Bon travail… et service de première classe. Merci beaucoup !