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How to Install a Dishwasher by Yourself

In a new construction, installing a dishwasher requires extensive plumbing and electrical work that’s best left to professionals. But if you just need to replace your old dishwasher with a new one, it’s a reasonably simple job1 :

  1. After turning off the power and water supply, appropriately protecting your floor and draining any leftover water from the hoses, disconnect and remove your old dishwasher.
  2. Prepare your new dishwasher by connecting the water valve elbow and replacing the old hoses with new ones.
  3. Connect the supply and drain hoses and make the necessary electrical connections.
  4. Ensure the dishwasher is level, secure it to the counter and start the appliance for the first time, monitoring its operation.

For a detailed explanation, see our complete guide below:

If you need a spare part during installation, please contact our parts team to order it.

  1. Installing parts and repairing appliances involve certain risks that you choose to assume on your own when you purchase parts from us. Service 2000 cannot be held responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from installing parts sold to you by us. Click here to read our policy and conditions.

Why Hire a Dishwasher Installer?

Don’t be fooled by the ease of use of this appliance; installing a built-in dishwasher requires a combination of plumbing, electrical and mechanical knowledge. There are many details to look after, including connecting the water supply and drain hoses, making the electrical connections, adjusting the door tension, and securing the appliance to the counter.

A faulty installation could cause irreparable damage to your floors, make the appliance noisier or more challenging to repair.

By hiring a Service 2000 dishwasher installer, you can ensure a safe and impeccable result. Our technicians’ work is also covered by a one-year limited warranty (parts and labour). 

When making your appointment, please specify your dishwasher’s make, model, and serial number. Our technician will look into the manufacturer’s specific instructions for your appliance, allowing you to benefit from a quick and efficient installation.

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