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Our core values are the founding stones of our business. Throughout the years, we took the time to discover them, test them and now we refer to them every time we want to make sure that we are in the right direction.


Working is supposed to be fun! Service2000 is our source of income, but also our family and our opportunity to achieve greatness together. We have a responsibility to keep our job a fun place to work at and must keep in mind that we are privileged to have such a positive impact in so many houses.


To strive for excellence, each of us assumes his responsibilities in an exemplary manner, which does not stop at our job description, but to guarantee peace of mind to our customers.

In situation with gray areas, we work together towards a solution to clarify it all for good.

Respect for individuals and time

Service excellence requires to respect our word when committing to bring peace of mind to our customers.

But it starts by respecting ourselves and our teammates. We made some business decisions to provide quality of life to our team, which reflects in the quality of service we can provide to our customers.

Mutual support

Our success results from a team effort. No one can claim that Service 2000’s success is their only.

Anytime possible, we make that our actions help our colleagues to be effective and remain alert to the negative effects that our actions could cause.


In order to improve, we strongly rely on collective intelligence. The sum of experience and brain power of all of our people leads us to find great solutions to improve customer experience, to reduce wastes in time and money, our better support our colleagues and to help make the job even more pleasant.


We only recommend to fix what is worth fixing moneywise. Just as we advise not to repair based on other factors important to the customer.

We can afford to remain objective because we charge for our expertise and do not give.

However, we make a point not to overcharge our services in any situation. We found this positive behaviour to help us sleep tight at night.


At Service 2000, efficiency is key: we aim for speed and quality in our services to respect our clients’ time and enhance our teamwork. This efficient approach strengthens our commitment to pleasure, responsibility, respect, mutual aid, proactivity, and honesty, and directly contributes to our brand promise: “For your peace of mind, guaranteed.”

Since 1985

We service tens of thousand of appliances every year.

Satisfaction rate 4.6/5

1000+ customers giving us high ratings on Facebook, Google and our website.

1-year warranty on parts and labor*

We are trusted for the work we do and we back it. Certain conditions apply.

Peace of mind service

We go out of our way to bring your appliance to good working condition the same day as the diagnosis.

Testimonials from our clients

Eric Pepin
Eric Pepin
22 Janvier 2024
Tout un service!! Le technicien est venu pour notre laveuse et il trouvé le problème immédiatement . Il nous a conseillé en toute honnêteté. Merci d’avoir été honnête avec nous , c’est très apprécié de votre part.
Marie-Eve Grégoire
Marie-Eve Grégoire
16 Janvier 2024
Technicien present juste en quelques heures de mon appel. Excellent service!
weifang mao
weifang mao
13 Janvier 2024
The technician guided us to check the possible issues of our coffee machine over the phone, in a very short time to make machine work. and it was completely free, many thanks for their professional services and excellent technical skills.
Louis Carvalho
Louis Carvalho
4 Janvier 2024
Great service! The technician Christophe was excellent and knowledgeable. The overall communication by the company for service, estimates and follow-up was excellent.
Mario Bernard
Mario Bernard
4 Janvier 2024
J’ai été très satisfait de la réparation de ma cuisinière.
Michel Thibault
Michel Thibault
2 Janvier 2024
Tres bon service. Rapide et efficace. Personnel compétents et connaissant. Merci
Patrick Gelot
Patrick Gelot
28 Décembre 2023
Excellent services, rapide, disponible, que du positifs.