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Are Midea Appliances Good?

Global 500 index, Midea is most likely the world’s largest manufacturer of domestic appliances.
Global 500 index, Midea is most likely the world’s largest manufacturer of domestic appliances. This Chinese company is best known for its air conditioners, dehumidifiers, microwave ovens, and other small countertop devices, but it also produces several major appliances.

  • Overall, Midea appliances tend to score average marks on major product review sites but are sold at a much more affordable price.
    Its entry-level collection is perfect for outfitting a first apartment or holiday home on a budget, while its intermediate one provides tremendous value.
  • For example, Consumer Reports assigns most Midea washing machine models scores of 58 to 68 1 (only one model receives a lower score). Perhaps because of their more straightforward mechanics, Midea dryers receive higher scores of 62 to 73 (except for one specific model).
  • The same is true of fridges: Protégez-vous magazine gives them scores of 67% to 71% 2.
  • Midea also manufactures a variety of small appliances for other well-known brands sold in North America, such as Whirlpool, Toshiba, and GE. The New York Times reports that most microwave ovens sold in the United States are manufactured by this single Chinese company 3.

Are Midea Appliances Reliable?

As Midea large appliances have only been available in North America for a relatively short time, Consumer Reports has yet to publish any information about
their expected reliability. But given that it is probably the largest subcontractor to the world’s major appliance brands, we can assume that the company is used to meeting strict quality control criteria. It’s extremely well-positioned to play a growing role in the appliance industry.

Where Are Midea Appliances Built?

Based in the city of Foshan in Southern China, Midea has factories in Vietnam, Belarus, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, and India 4 . This helps the company distribute its products very efficiently in more than 195 countries.

Where Can I Find a Midea Appliance Repairer?

We’re pleased to announce that Service 2000 is officially a Midea Authorized Repairer. We can obtain original parts from our North American network of suppliers, and we maintain a robust stock of replacement parts for discontinued models. Our home repair service is available throughout the Greater Montreal and Laval areas, as well as Lanaudière, the Laurentians, and Montérégie. If your Midea appliance is having trouble, contact our team to schedule a visit from one of our specialists.


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Eric Pepin
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Marie-Eve Grégoire
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Louis Carvalho
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