Electric and Gas Dryer Repair Service

We can repair in-house your dryer, whether it be electrical or gas powered, no matter what the brand.

It is important to pay attention the proper functioning of a dryer in order to notice if the problem is recent. At times, overheating may indicate a major problem, that requires immediate attention to avoid more complex dammage to your appliance or your clothes! An irregular sound or clothes that stay humid despite a complete drying cycle are a sign that something needs immediate attention.

We are also specialized in repairing gas powered dryers

Not only does repairing your appliance protect the lifespan of your dryer, but it call also protect you and your family! In fact, it is estimated that up to 15,000 fires each year in Québec and North America are caused by a deffective dryer? The main reason behind all of these incidents: irregular maintenance!

The most important factor to monitor in a dryer is the ventalition: the humidity from the clothes must effectively be evacuated from the dryer. To do this, you need to simply clean out the lint filter and wipe down the drum after each dry cycle. Also, make sure that the air circulation is suitable in the ventilation duct. The best trick is to check that the outlet valve, which is outside of your home, opens well and that sufficient air comes out from it. If there is any blocage, you need to contact someone specialized in cleaning out this valve.

We can take care of any malfunction or proceed to the preventative maintenance of your dryer so that your dryer can function optimally. We can also offer an appointment within a timeframe that best suits your schedule.

For any issue you may have with your dryer, contact us at info@service2000.ca or at 514 800-4064 / 1 855 742-3003.


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