Drying cabinets will hit the Canadian market next year. Already very common in Scandinavian countries, Europe and Australia, they are far more energy efficient than a traditional dryer, as well as being polyvalent and very useful.

A multifunctional appliance

This appliance looks like a typical wardrobe, but instead of the shelves, there are extensible rods to hang the clothes to dry. A double system combining heating and dry ventilation will dry your clothes in 3 to 4 hours, just like on an outside clothesline but without discoloration, lint, and fibres deterioration due to sun exposure. During summer, you can use it as simple drying rack to air-dry your clothes without using energy.

A drying cabinet allows you to gently dry your delicate pieces, thus, extending your garment lifetime. It is ideal to dry shirts and delicate clothes since it isn’t harmful to fabrics like silk, cashemere, lace, etc., as well as avoiding wrinkles, allowing you to skip ironing. A drying cabinet will also help you save on laundry service fees since you can also use it for clothes that would normally require dry cleaning.

For voluminous items

You can use a drying cabinet for voluminous items that would be too big for a normal dryer, such as sleeping bags, quilts, bedspreads and rugs. Another benefit to consider is that you can also dry items that would be too fragile for a dryer, such as feather pillows, hats, shoes, but also wet clothes that could shrink or distort, like coats and jackets, even wool and velvet.

Contact an accredited vendor to know about availability of this product in your region.

Here is an example of an LG drying cabinet, using steam.