The best way to gain space in your laundry room? Choosing a stackable washer and dryer unit instead of two separate items! Indeed, this option presents a lot of benefits : they can take heavier loads and they also consume a lot less water than normal washers and dryers. However, a stackable washer and dryer unit can be more expensive than her individual counterparts, especially in terms of installation and maintenance.

Take proper measurements

Unlike smaller stackable units that can fit in a closet, stackable washer and dryer have a greater load capacity. However, they are bigger due to the front loading system. The first step to take would be to measure the space where you intend to install your stackable unit, in width and length. Also, think about measuring your staircase and all the different accesses to the laundry room, like hallways, door frames, etc., in order to make sure that you can carry your appliances without risks. Since the loading will be done in the front, don’t forget to leave enough space in front of your stackable washer and dryer in order to be able to fully open your appliance doors.


You will also have to make sure you have a 110 volt electrical outlet for the washer and another 220 volt electrical outlet for the dryer, a water line, a drain, as well as a vent for the dryer. If you choose two appliances from different brands or that are not conceived to be stacked, you will also need to contact a certified technician for a safe installation. Unless you’re a certified craftsman, it is usually recommended to choose stackable units made from the same manufacturers and conceived to be stacked together.

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