You are planning on installing a new dryer in your condo and there is no vent in your laundry room? Well, that is not an issue anymore! Thanks to the condenser dryer technology, you are not required to have a vent to evacuate moist air anymore!

Indeed, a condenser dryer doesn’t require a vent because it works in a closed circuit. The moisture coming out of your clothes is cooled, and then transformed into water. The water is then recuperated and transferred afterwards into a collecting tray, which you simply need to empty once in a while; or evacuated through a hose similar to the one used for your washer, depending on the model you choose.

Unlike a vented dryer, you don’t have to install a vent if there isn’t one already in the laundry room. This makes it very useful as it allows you to install a dryer anywhere you like.

The only matter that might limit you is the possibility to connect the dryer to a drain in order to avoid emptying the collecting tray manually

A condenser dryer is also a great option for people living in cold or temperate climate countries. Since a condenser dryer exchanges air within the room, it expels some hot air and can help raise your room temperature. Depending on where you want to place it, your condenser dryer could help you save a little on the heating, especially during winter months.

Another way to save on your energy bill! The only downside mentioned by some of our clients is that the drying process can take up to twice the amount of time of a conventional dryer. Overall, this new technology has lots of benefits, as well as a few limitations. How about you? What is your experience with this type of appliance?


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