Having a dishwasher is essential in today’s residential kitchens. This useful appliance doesn’t consume a lot of energy in general, and most importantly, it allows you to save time. However, a dishwasher can only be installed in a specific space that should be ready before the scheduled installation.

Before thinking about calling a technician for your dishwasher installation, it is important to follow a few steps to make sure everything is ready for the technician. Indeed, following those will avoid you having to make the technician come back another time and will allow you to save money on unnecessary service fees. You will also avoid having to take an additional day off!

Here is a list of verifications to check before calling for the installation

  • Verify that the water hook-ups were previously installed by a plumber and are accessible;
  • Make sure that the water drain is working. This will allow wastewater to be drained out after the wash cycle;
  • Take time to measure the space in which you will be placing the dishwasher that you bought, which is usually 24 inches width x 24 inches depth by 35 inches height but can vary, otherwise the technician won’t be able to proceed with the installation. This may seem obvious but it frequently happens that when we send a technician on site where a new floor has been installed on the previous one thus, the service call cannot be completed because the appliance does not fit anymore in the space it is supposed to;
  • Make sure that the electrical outlet that you will plug the dishwasher into is installed at a suitable distance from it.

Note that you will find all these details regarding the installation specifications of your dishwasher in the manufacturer’s installation manual. you will easily find a copy of this manual by searching the brand and the model number on your browser. It is essential that you follow these steps prior to calling the technician, if you want to save on time and money!

If you wish to install a dishwasher soon and you think you have ticked all the boxes that apply prior to doing it, click here and we will send you a qualified technician as quickly as possible.