Dear clients,

We’re currently receiving nearly twice as many service requests as we usually handle this time of year. While we’re doing our best to address the situation, we ask that you please show patience and understanding on your next call.

The number of requests is spiking

Dozens of North American appliance repair companies are experiencing the same issue: a major increase in service calls that goes beyond technicians’ capacity. It’s likely that manufacturing plants shutting down for months has caused a shortage in new appliances or a delay in deliveries, and that more people choose to repair instead.

The impact of COVID-19

While we’ve implemented several COVID-19 safety measures early on, it still took some time before our operations were running as efficiently as before, causing a backlog of requests. Finally, the widespread anxiety caused by the pandemic affects people everywhere, including our team, leaving us temporarily understaffed.

We’re working hard at solving the issue

We currently have an open position as Customer Service Agent: if you or a loved one are looking for work, send us your resume!UPDATE 7/27: we are glad to welcome backup starting this week. This new addition should be up to speed in the following month! We still welcome resimes though.

We’re finalizing a new chat feature that will allow us to respond to some online requests directly, reducing the number of calls and online forms to be answered.

You can help too!

Thank you for being patient and respectful when discussing with our employees over the phone. In good times and bad times, they work hard to help solve one of your problems!