Good news!

On March 24, 2020, the Legault provincial government added household appliances repair and maintenance to the list of essential services. It goes without saying that in a state of confinement for the next three weeks, a family must be able to keep its food fresh or frozen, be able to cook it and be able to wash and dry clothes and linens not only to make them clean, but also to eliminate traces of viruses.

In order to do our part, we confirm that Service 2000 Appliances is open and will be available to offer you the service of repairing your appliances that are not working. A small team of 12 technicians will be travelling throughout Laval and the greater Montreal area for the next three weeks (some areas will not be able to be serviced):

Urgent or not urgent, that is not the issue

Your stove is down? Give us a call!

Your stove has a burner that doesn’t work? If the other burners work, wait until confinement is over to give us a call.

Your washing machine doesn’t empty? Call us swiftly!

Your dryer makes an unbearable metallic noise? We’re coming!

Your dishwasher doesn’t work? Can you hand wash your dishes for the next few weeks? While we appreciate a functional dishwasher, we believe this can wait to the end of the confinement period.

The main concern is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

We wish to respect the government’s requests at this time. For that reason:

  • We reserve ourselves the right to refuse going for a repair if we judge is it not essential.
  • We may not be able to get a part during this time because some of the part distributors might close their business. So we might avoid visits that we feel are unnecessary and will explain why.
  • We will continue good hygiene measures (thorough hand washing on a regular basis).
  • We are counting on you to :
    • Refrain from asking for a service call if one of your family members has been out of the country in the last two weeks or has cold symptoms such as cough, fever, etc. (this is not a whim, it is the government’s request).
    • Maintain a distance of two metres from your technician at all times.
    • Provide your technician with facilities to wash hand with soap.

Don’t forget: we want above all to avoid contaminating anyone (you, us, everyone)! We will continue to help you. Help us not to spread viruses!

Thank you

Daniel Beaulé for the Service 2000 team