When inflation soars, it’s natural to look for ways to save money. But would you go so far as to bring your lunch to the restaurant? Or your own motor oil to your dealership’s service centre? Of course not. Yet customers sometimes ask our technicians to use household appliance parts they bought online or in the classifieds. There’s a reason we only install OEM and Factory-Authorized Parts, and it’s not about profit. It’s a matter of safety.

When Used Parts Catch Fire

Recently, a fellow independent appliance technician wanted to help out a customer who had purchased online parts and agreed to repair, without any guarantee, their faulty cooking range. Once the work was finished and the final tests were conclusive, the technician left.

It was only later that a major problem occurred: a short circuit. The appliance caught fire, and the whole house burned down in no time. Whose fault was it? Was the customer aware of the risk they were taking to save a few dollars?

Home Appliance Used Parts Are a Hazard

Where do these parts labelled as refurbished, reconditioned, compatible, used or any other term meant to justify their cheap price truly come from? They’re sometimes manufactured in factories abroad, with little or no quality control. Some are salvaged from appliances left on the curb, cleaned and resold at a discount. When the origin of a good is unknown, so is its future.

On the other hand, there’s no doubt about the authenticity of OEM parts and Factory-Authorized Parts used by our technicians.

These meet the manufacturer’s strict requirements. It would be unacceptable to replace steel components with plastic or for the fit to be anything less than perfect. This is why they’re a breeze to install and generally have a predictable lifespan. Their superior quality and rigorous monitoring increase their production cost and, consequently, their retail price reflects their greater value.

Professional Liability and Appliance Repair

When you repair an appliance yourself, you take on certain risks to save on labour costs. You’re free to use the tools and parts of your choice according to your budget and preferences. You’re allowed to make mistakes when it’s not your day job.

But as a CAA-Quebec Recommended Supplier and Authorized Repair Service Partner for over thirty major appliance brands, our team of technicians at Service 2000 is required to meet the highest standards.

We’ve been repairing tens of thousands of appliances every year since 1985. We can’t risk our customers’ safety and reputation unless we know precisely where replacement parts come from and trust them 100%.

The only appliance parts that meet these criteria are those in our spare parts warehouse and those of our partners. That’s why we don’t install any others … and why we encourage you to only order the real thing for your DIY repairs.

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